"Because of your skill in pain management, I was comfortable and pain free.
I could relax and get the rest in order to heal." - George M., Patient


Through accurate diagnosis, we select an individual care plan specific to the patient’s needs. Many patients can be helped with non-surgical methods. When surgery is necessary we offer the least invasive procedures consistent with complete treatment. We seek to limit dependence, hospitalization, and reconstruct joints for immediate use.Get back into your game with non-surgical orthopedic care from Pritchett Orthopedics.

Painful or Functional Joints and Bones
We offer the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. After an accurate diagnosis these services include medication, bio-mechanical support or

Less Invasive Techniques
Partial or full joint resurfacing of the hip, knee and shoulder are offered. Procedures are performed on
an ambulatory basis or during a brief period of hospitalization. We are the only Pacific Northwest practice with extensive experience in Joint
Resurfacing (as opposed to Joint Replacement).

Ready Resources
Our practice locations have on site x-ray available and we have our own MRI and Ambulatory Surgery Center. Patients can be seen at any of our facilities on short notice for acute needs.

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