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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I play sports after a joint resurfacing procedure?

Yes. All but contact sports are allowed and encouraged.

Will I still have my knee ligaments with a knee resurfacing procedure?

If your ligaments are present (or have been reconstructed) they will be preserved to give your knee full stability.

Will my hip come out of joint after a resurfacing procedure?

There is a very small chance this could occur and only with an unusual movement or injury.

Will my new joint last as long as I do?

In the vast majority of cases the answer is yes.

How long will I be away from work?

For sedentary jobs just a couple of weeks. For heavy work 4 to 6 weeks is recommended.

How long will I be in bed after surgery?

Just a matter of hours as they effects of anesthesia wear off. You can use your new joint right away.

Will my surgery be “less invasive”?

Yes, new techniques limit the extent of surgery from what was done just a few years ago.

Will I receive “new technology”?

Yes. A joint made of a new super metal, ceramic or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene will be used.

What it the risk of infection?

This is less than 1%.

Will I need a blood transfusion?

Rarely is this necessary anymore.

Will my joint be replaced?

No. Your joint will be resurfaced. The old term is still often used but almost all your bone is kept and only the damaged surface is replaced.

How long will I be in the hospital?

Hip Resurfacing is now an Outpatient Procedure. This has worked out very well with even fewer complications and a quicker recovery.

Which hospital will be used?

The Swedish Orthopedic Institute.

Will there be a need for banking of my own blood, or do you use a blood salvaging technique?

No blood donation is necessary. Blood transfusions are not necessary.

How many resurfacing procedures had you performed?

Over 5200. We perform cross linked polyethylene resurfacing and BHR procedures every week.

When did you complete you BHR training?

In 2006 (before the US release). I originally learned hip resurfacing from Dr. Townley in the 1980s.

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