"I was afraid I might never be able to run competitively again.
Thank you very much!" - Scott F., Patient

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Read why Dr.Pritchett is among Seattle's top doctors.I have written many papers and articles related to orthopedics. I have posted the ones I thought would
be most useful and beneficial for you.

 One-Component Revision - view PDF (1.1MB)
 Hip Resurfacing for Women - view PDF (4.5MB)
 Heat from Hip Resurfacing - view PDF (100KB)
 What Patients Prefer - view PDF (370KB)
 Metallosis of Resurfaced Hip - view PDF (1.2MB)
 Modern Hip Resurfacing - view PDF (5MB)
 Shoulder Resurfacing - view PDF (670KB)
 Curved-Stem Hip Resurfacing - view PDF (300KB)
 Hip Joint Resurfacing - view PDF (135KB)
 Knee Prostheses - view PDF (105KB)
 Quoted in New York Times - view PDF (532KB)






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Recent Articles by Dr.Pritchett
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Meet Dr.Pritchett
Knee Prostheses
Knee Prostheses Article
Hip Joint Resurfacing
Hip Joint Resurfacing Techniques
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