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Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Knee replacement materials imageKnee replacement materials imageIt has been well established that the anterior cruciate ligament is a key stabilizer of the knee. This is one of the two ligaments found in the center of the knee. In fact high level function of the knee requires a well functioning anterior cruciate ligament. Without a secure anterior cruciate ligament it is difficult to perform pivoting maneuvers and activities that require weight bearing flexion. Reconstructive surgery is usually recommended when the anterior cruciate is damaged.

Last year I presented our long term follow-up on a novel technique to regrow the damaged anterior cruciate ligament.

Anterior Cruciate Knee Replacement 2007
Knee replacement imageThe anterior cruciate ligament may be just as important in knee replacement as it is in a natural knee. Almost all knee replacement implants have not retained the anterior cruciate ligament. In some patients the anterior cruciate ligament has been lost to injury or as part of the arthritic process but in approximately half of patients it is still present.

With new technology it is possible to retain the anterior cruciate ligament as part of the knee replacement procedure. For some designs all four of the knee ligament or three of four can be retained. In these circumstances the procedure will be a knee resurfacing rather than a replacement.

With this type of procedure the knee feels and functions in a more natural fashion. There will be better ultimate function and usually an accelerated recovery. With care even if the anterior cruciate is not healthy we can effectively substitute for it with a novel design.

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