"A month to the day after my hip replacement, I didn't need my cane.
Family and friends are amazed, and I'm delighted." - Mary J., Patient

The Pritchett Difference

Man may be as old as his arteries and nervous system but he will act and move as old as his bones and joints. I specialize in joint replacement surgery to improve what a person can accomplish with their life.

Orthopedic surgery is exciting because it is constantly changing. We get new techniques, materials and knowledge all the time. I’ve dedicated my career to improving quality of life through reconstructive surgery and by searching for solutions for bone and joint problems through research.

Our focus is joint resurfacing. Full functional restoration is usually possible by using the most modern materials and techniques. We place a
new surface on your existing joint rather than excising and replacing your hip, knee or shoulder.

See the latest interview with Dr. Pritchett, or check out What's New in Hip Resurfacing or my recent findings on shoulder resurfacing.

Experience the Pritchett Difference
Restore your mobility with joint resurfacing.

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Meet Dr.Pritchett
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Hip Joint Resurfacing
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